We are the insider's guide to mortgage success.

We’re ex-senior bankers. As highly qualified and experienced lending specialists we deal only with senior lenders at 26+ different lending institutions.

Getting the perfect mortgage is a minefield for most people. Unless you’re intimate with the systems and processes of big lenders you’re at their mercy. That’s why we started Vega Lend, to level the playing field, then give you the inside running.

We can guide you to a successful result because we’ve come from senior banking jobs. We know how lenders think and what it takes to get the best deal. So we’ll help you complete your application like the approving lender wrote it and get you the finance you need, fast.

The insider's guide to mortgage success.

Although, we’re not sharing all our tools and secrets here.

Our process

  1. Free financial analysis

    We’ll meet at the place of your convenience or use our groundbreaking leading technology which we call the Vega Partners Center - a secure video conferencing system. We are also able to utilize Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom to understand your dreams and goals.

  2. Present loan options

    Based on our conversation we will complete a lending application and submit this to the appropriate lending we feel most aligns to your needs.

  3. Loan approval

    Once we receive your lending approval we will work with you to ensure your lending is structured correctly and in a way that helps you achieve your goals.

  4. Settlement day

    We keep in touch with you, your lender and relevant parties to make sure your loan settles smoothly.

  5. Ongoing Support

    We keep an eye on the market as it relates to your mortgage. We’ll help you take advantage of any market movements and better deals as they occur. We will also contact you prior to your loan anniversary to ensure your lending is optimized.

How we’re different

We’re registered financial advisers

Our people are ex-senior bankers who know the way the banks think. We are also registered as brokers and that means we have a lot more training and experience.

We spend time to understand you

We make sure that we really understand where you are now, and your future goals, and then create a plan to get you there. We love helping our clients achieve their goals and dreams.

We want clients for life

People often buy multiple properties in their lifetime. We work hard to support you so that you will want to work with us again in future.

We write your application like the lender would

We know how all the lenders think, and what is an attractive application based on their needs. We’ll complete the paperwork together and tell you which lender is best for you.

It turns out the best way to get a loan from a bank, is not to get a loan from a bank

What will that dream home cost?

Our calculator will give you a rough idea of what you can afford.

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