Mortgage Calculator in NZ

We understand it is important for clients to calculate their loan repayments, so you can use this home loan calculator to determine the repay you’ll need to make in each repayment period.

Please note that this mortgage calculator is intended to just be a guide and shouldn’t be taken as a true indication of your loan repayments or as a quote of pre-qualification for any loan type we may offer.

What Is the Functionality of our Home Mortgage Calculator?

To give you results, our mortgage repayment calculator assumes that:

  • There are no changes to your initial loan amount.
  • The interest rate you select will remain the same throughout the repayment period.
  • You’ll make your repayments on time and in full throughout the loan term.
  • You won’t make extra payments or increase the repayment amount during the loan period.
  • Also, the calculator for mortgage payments doesn’t work on revolving loans as it assumes repayment amounts are done on a principle & interest basis.
Please enter the following details:
  • Loan amount

    This refers to the original principal or total mortgage loan given to you by your lender. The loan amount is often not the total purchase price of the home, as your lender will most likely ask you to make a down payment on the property price of the home. A 20% deposit is desirable by most lenders. So, the loan amount will most likely represent 80% of the home purchase price.  If your deposit is lower than 20%, you’ll be required to make higher monthly payments.

  • Loan term

    This is the length of time or the number of years you’ll repay your mortgage

  • Interest rate

    This is the monthly percentage added to your mortgage payment. It’s also the money your lender charges on the loan amount.

  • Repayment frequency

    This refers to how often you’re required to make regular repayments. Most borrowers prefer to make their loan repayments monthly. However, you can choose to make your payments using a different period, such as fortnightly or weekly, if it’s more convenient for you.

This mortgage calculator is here just to give you an idea before speaking to one of our qualified advisers. So, if you need extra guidance, click Contact Us, and our mortgage adviser will get in touch with you to discuss your results in detail.


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