Finance for your property development

If you're interested in investing in commercial or residential property development, property development financing can make your ambitions more affordable. It's crucial to approach development finance with a strategic perspective. This can help your project's financial situation, show how each product decision affects the outcome, and help define the framework of your case.

We can evaluate your situation and create a customised solution for your project.

Property Development

Property Development Loan is usually a short-term loan, typically three years.

To cover the costs of converting an existing commercial property or developing land into apartments, terraced homes, or housing developments. It is normally advanced as a loan, secured against that property or land asset and pre-sales.

Buildings can be upgraded or expanded, their uses can be changed, or completely new developments can be built using development finance. The property development financing you will require to fund your project depends on the sort of project and the necessity supporting your loan.

Development finance can be used for: 


  • Residential development
  • Industrial & Commercial Construction
  • Subdivisions


Benefits of working with a property finance broker

Benefits of working with a property finance broker.

Before committing to a project, Vega commercial specialists assist all of their clients in locating the best financing options. Stress, project delays, and revenue losses are avoided in this way.

The likelihood of submitting a successful application can be significantly increased by working with a broker who has the connections to navigate the market successfully. We can assist you in finding the perfect deals from our well-vetted lender panels while acting as a go-between to streamline communication. We are completely familiar with each lender's requirements, business practises, and, most importantly when making a case, what works and what doesn't.

No matter the size or location, we are able to help and have previously been involved in transactions of varying degrees of complexity, ranging from simple multi-unit complexes to single-unit conversions.

Vega property finance specialist can help you achieve your development dream by navigating the plethora of hurdles as well as position your development in the best light for property funding.


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