What are my options if I want to take out money regularly?

  • Withdrawal minimums

    The regular withdrawal fee is $100 per withdrawal (for weekly, fortnightly, and monthly withdrawals) ad-hoc withdrawals are $500 minimum lump sum (paid within two days after correct documentation is received)

  • Can you tell me when these withdrawals will be paid?

    On Tuesdays, we'll pay weekly and fortnightly withdrawals.

    The 15th of every month (or prior working day if the 15th falls on a weekend or public holiday)

    Full withdrawals: once a full withdrawal form is submitted, funds may be deposited within 4 weeks. A full withdrawal involves requesting and receiving the member's final Government contributions from the IRD.

  • Can I change the number of regular withdrawals?

    Regular withdrawals provide members with a steady stream of payments.

    To change the regular withdrawal amount, the member will have to fill out a new withdrawal form.

    Alternatively, the member could request a lump sum withdrawal (one-time), which can be processed within two business days of receiving the form.

  • When I'm eligible for withdrawal, can I still contribute to KiwiSaver?

    Yes, of course.