Money matters

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Covid-19: The impacts of the latest lockdowns on development finance

We’re now in our fifth lockdown, the third for 2021 and while the rest of New Zealand is at Delta 2.0, Auckland still awaits a lifting of restrictions. Thankfully how the financial industry is responding to lockdowns has changed dramatically since last year’s approach.

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Your business is our business

Established by ex-senior bankers, Vega Business was created to level the playing field. We believe human relationships need to be put back in the lending equation. By understanding a client’s unique circumstances, we can deliver high quality business lending solutions customised to their individual needs. Our connections and extensive knowledge of lending processes mean we can offer you the best rates from over 40 financial institutions. 

Money matters, and so do you.

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Get the right mortgage from the right partner

When you’ve decided you want a fixed or floating mortgage (or a mix of the two) or to refinance an existing loan, as ex-senior bankers, we can tell you the lay of the land with absolute authority. Here we look at the types of available mortgages, the process of engaging Vega Mortgages, and why you should choose to work with us.

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Vega Business offers eligible businesses fully funded coaching up to $2,000 value

Vega provides a structured programme that gets to the heart of the underlying performance issues of businesses. Your business coach will help you clarify your priorities, stay focused, and get the important things done. Our Vega Business Coaching Programme ensures business owners understand the principles of growth, lay sound foundations, and embed their business's strategic objectives

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The good, the unknown, our future

With the Official Cash Rate (OCR) fixed at 0.25% for the next twelve months – the lowest OCR in history – it’s a good time to seriously consider your mortgage costs restructuring or refinancing your existing debt. But is lending still an option during a pandemic?

Many people are worried about whether their money is safe in the bank, or if their bank will sell their home from underneath them if they lose their job.

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Small business owners don’t know when to quit

New Zealand SME owners tend not to invest in their own businesses, or they invest too late, which is not only bad for the business owner, it’s not helping the…

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SMEs putting the family home on the line

The OCR may have come down and money may be cheaper than it has ever been, but a jittery banking system that is struggling to access capital and the added overlay of significantly more scrutiny due to the Australian Financial Services Royal Commission and responsible lending legislation – may drive some SMEs to take risks with the family home

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SMBs warned to brace for business finance crunch

Former BNZ general manager small business and now managing director finance at OneHQ, Harry Ferreira (pictured), today urged SME owners to smarten up their business finances ahead of what will be difficult times

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