Our directors got into banking because they love dealing with people.

But after 17-years in senior banking positions, including, 11 years as General Manager SME banking at one of New Zealand’ largest banks, our Managing Director Harry Ferreira grew frustrated that clients were being asked to wait on the end of a phone call and pushed to the end of a queue rather than being acknowledged for years and years of loyalty.

Due to the sheer volumes of customers that large financial institutions deal with, people are reduced to numbers through credit score risks and statistics. Banks had turned away from personally understanding each individual client’s needs. With the human aspect off the table, and computers handling the number crunching, customers were dealing with junior and lower-level staff who had to wait on many layers of bureaucracy to get any kind of result. This causes a huge amount of frustration. And money can already be a frustrating topic.

Vega Lend was launched to overcome these shortcomings and to put human relationships back into the equation. We believe there’s a better way to solve the mortgage and business lending process for customers.

We start by making every client feel like they have a private banker.

We start with a high-quality face-to-face meeting online. This is about getting what you need from the comfort of your own home or office. From here we perform a needs analysis, explore primary and alternative lending options and recommend the best option to you based on your personal lending needs. Then we continue to look after you well past lending success.

By understanding a person’s unique circumstances, we can deliver high quality lending solutions customised to their individual needs. This actually makes it easier for us to do our best for our clients.

You deal only with cream of the crop experts.

Today, most of our team has come from the banking industry. They’re senior, cream of the crop experts in residential lending and commercial lending. They’re hand selected for their special skills, and they all share in our values. All of our mortgage brokers are financially qualified, not just certified like our competitors. This means you access highly experienced and skilled advisers that can advise with absolute authority.  

We have intimate knowledge with how banks and other lending institutions operate, and the criteria they need met to deliver positive lending decisions. This is why, better than anyone else, we know how to structure incredible lending deals and present these to only senior bankers and lenders at 26 different financial institutions. By going straight to the top, to the people we personally know well, we can turn a No into a Yes and/or get a better deal, quickly.

Founded on good outcomes for our clients.

We never put a deal forward if it’s not the right thing for the client. If a loan isn’t right for you, we will tell you. We don’t want you to over-extend yourself or accept a sub-par deal just because you’re emotionally wrapped up in a process. Everything we do is about delivering the right outcome to you, which starts with a free financial needs analysis.

We understand how to navigate a bank. We understand the credit teams, crisis teams and more. And we personally know them really well. That’s why when we present a deal, we know the outcome beforehand. 

Client satisfaction is important to us, which is why only the most experienced people in finance deal with our clients. By association, we put your name on top of the pile of other mortgage and business loan applications.

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