Immediate asset finance loans to grow your business.

Looking to grow your business? Then you’ve come to the right place. Business asset finance is what you need.

We love nothing better than working alongside businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them get what they need so they can keep chasing their dreams without missing a step.

And the best thing about us is that we understand all the different key elements to a business because hey, we’re a business too! So, no matter where you are in your journey whether it is right at the beginning or somewhere in the middle, we know how to support your needs at every different step of the way.

Chat to one of our asset finance experts today to see how we can help you start achieving your business growth goals.

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Asset Finance Loans

Get the assets and equipment you need to grow now.

When you need new or used equipment, vehicles or other business assets like computers, but you lack the immediate funds, asset finance is the right tool to fund your plans. Your asset finance loan is planned around your financial situation with a repayment schedule customised to your unique needs.

Maintain your existing relationships

Sometimes it can take what seems like a lifetime to get the finance you need through traditional banks. When you get asset finance through Vega Lend, you can keep your existing relationship with your bank, or your main lender.


Book a free appointment with one of our commercial advisers.


We complete a free needs analysis and recommend the best approach.


We complete an application together and send this to preferred lenders.


We ensure the path to getting what you need is smooth, starting with your loan’s approval.