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Market Intel - Rodney Hide

This week of Market Intel is a special episode with economist, former leader of the Act Party and Dancing with stars celebrity Rodney Hide.

Rodney is well known for his hold nothing back interviews and this one is no exception where we discuss the current political landscape in New Zealand and what it means for SME’s. Rodney was the leader of the Act Party for 7 years and a politician for 15 years in total and known for his sometimes controversial and prominent views on certain topics.

Dave & Sam cover off the recent budget and how the parliamentary process works for the use of these funds and if it was the right thing to do or is there a political agenda behind the $140bn fund?

Rodney is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurs, and this comes through very much so in our interview and he provides one of the best pieces of advice a business owner can have in a downturn.

This episode is one not to be missed and we thoroughly enjoyed interviewing him.


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