Vega Mortgages case study: Investment Property - Bridging Finance

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Property Purchase Saved. 

Client Profile:

  • The client had 2 Freehold properties in Rotorua, and was looking to sell one so they could purchase a commercial building. This did not pan out. However client found 2 additional residential properties – 1 in Whanganui and 1 in Napier, both going to deadline sale.
  • Due to current Airbnb bookings and needing to complete a few small jobs before listing their property, they would have missed out on both.

Challenges Faced:

  • Need to sell one property to fund acquisitions.
  • Limited time due to Airbnb bookings and pre-listing tasks threatened to impede timely acquisitions.


  • Bridging finance was capatilised to purchase the first property with security against the property to be sold. Another bridging loan was secured the second property with security against the other freehold property. The client successfully acquired both new properties, leveraging bridging finance to navigate the transitional period.
  • With an offer on the original Rotorua property, the first bridging loan will be cleared along with a significant portion of the second, with the remainder earmarked for refinancing through a main bank.

Benefits to the Client:

  • Bridging finance provided the necessary liquidity to acquire properties swiftly, accommodating Airbnb bookings and pre-listing tasks.
  • The client was able to purchase both new properties, get them cleaned up and go onto the market as Air Airbnb rentals while not worrying about mortgage repayments.
  • By avoiding a rushed sale of the Rotorua property, the client achieved a good sale price, maximising returns. They were also able to do a couple of tidy-up jobs on the Rotorua property.
  • The client expanded their property portfolio with minimal disruption. Client now has 3 properties, all generate steady income, ensuring mortgage coverage and residual profits for the client.

Deon Johnston, case study mortgage adviser: “We are more than just mortgages – we will go the extra mile to help customers achieve their dreams of home ownership.”