Your business is our business

Your business is our business

Established by ex-senior bankers, Vega Business was created to level the playing field. We believe human relationships need to be put back in the lending equation. By understanding a client’s unique circumstances, we can deliver high quality business lending solutions customised to their individual needs. Our connections and extensive knowledge of lending processes mean we can offer you the best rates from over 40 financial institutions. 

Money matters, and so do you.

We’re big on building relationships which is why we strive to understand where you are now and where you want to be, so we can create a sound plan to get you and your business there. It’s not uncommon for Kiwis to own more than one business in their lifetime, so developing a strong relationship with a lender for long-term collaboration is really important.

Most of the lending industry is obsessed with creating mass applications that turn people into numbers, who then end up on a waiting list. We’re different because we provide a bespoke and personal experience from the comfort of your own home or office. Whatever your business lending needs are, we have experienced business advisors with a vast array of funding options available to make the lending process a breeze.

When dealing with our lenders, we go straight to the top--to the people we personally know really well--to turn a No into a Yes and get you a better deal. When you deal with Vega Business, by association, your application rises to the top for timely consideration by experienced lenders only.

Why We’re Different.

We cherry-pick our staff with an emphasis on building a capable, empathetic, commercially astute team, so we can deliver you the best experience and offers. Many companies are bogged and slowed down in bureaucracy and a sea of hierarchy that grinds everything to a halt. At Vega Business we value our team members equally. This means you access highly experienced and skilled advisers that have absolute authority to make decisions. They can also help ensure your business is prepared for the various challenges that lie ahead.   

The right deal but only if it’s right for you

Without this inside knowledge, about the way the different lenders operate, you could end up with unfavourable rates and terms that could hinder your business moving forward. Thanks to our backgrounds and experience, we know how to write your lending application in ways that each lender appreciates. We know how they think, and know when an application is attractive to them. We will complete the paperwork together and discuss with you which lender is best for your needs. Then we’ll target that lender first. 

However, we will never put a deal forward if it’s not the right thing to do. If a loan isn’t right for you, we will tell you. We don’t want you to over-extend yourself or accept a sub-par deal just because you’re emotionally wrapped up in a process or desire to get business funds before the time is right. Everything we do is about delivering the right outcome for your needs, which starts with a free financial needs analysis.

Market Intel

Market Intel, part of Vega Business, is our online video show where we regularly interview business leaders, advisors, experienced commentators and politicians. We cover a range of topics to get the frontline intel on the challenges and opportunities facing business owners and property investors in New Zealand. You can tune in to Vega TV here. 

As a Kiwi company, there is nothing more satisfying for Vega Business than supporting New Zealand’s growth financially. We do this by helping business owners into their dream future through a vast array of business funding options. To get in touch and set up a free business financial analysis, call us at 0800 834 253 or email [email protected].