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Market Intel Special - Tony Alexander 13/08/2020

Keep Calm & Carry on

In this special episode of Market Intel we get some perspective and insights from leading economist Tony Alexander in the latest COIVD outbreak.

We discuss what it could mean for our economy and if we are in better shape this time around.

Tony is always a pleasure to interview and full of great insights, a must-watch for any SME worried about another lockdown.

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Market Intel - Michelle Sharp 03/08/2020

In this episode of Market Intel we interview Michelle Sharp, one of New Zealand's most recognised executives and currently the head of IoT for Vodafone NZ.

Michelle is known for her time at Kilmarnock Enterprises making it the poster child for NZ social enterprise. She also sits not the boards of the local BNZ and Christchurch City Council to name a few.

We discuss what IoT means for NZ SME's and her background on rising through the ranks quickly oversea's to be a top executive in a male-dominated industry. We also discuss what her advice is for businesses facing financial pressure and how to get back on track.

Michelle is a genuine person and a delight to interview

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Market Intel - Colin Mansbridge 10/07/2020

n this episode of Market Intel, we interview Colin Mansbridge the CEO of the Crusaders.

After a long career in the corporate world of financial services, Colin took up the helm at one of the biggest rugby franchises in the world and has had to steer it through not only the Christchurch terrorist attack but also COVID-19. We discuss the challenge of this during such a time and how they as a team worked through totally re-branding this iconic franchise. Colin also gives us his views on how a business owner can adapt and survive the economics effects of COVID-19 and the mindset you need to execute and perform.

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Market Intel – David Seymour 11/6/2020

In this special episode of Market Intel we discuss with David Seymour the leader of the Act party on the current issues New Zealand face with COVID-19.

We take a deep dive into what closing our borders mean and the shrinking of the global economy and how the current government may have handled this.

In our interview we also discuss investment into New Zealand and how do we attract foreign capital to grow and expand New Zealand businesses to excel into as-well as other current topics.

David also gives us his top tips on how to remain resilient when the cards are stacked against you!

Not to be missed as one of the most in-depth conversations we have had to date.

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Market Intel - Rodney Hide

This week of Market Intel is a special episode with economist, former leader of the Act Party and Dancing with stars celebrity Rodney Hide on the political landscape of new Zealand and how this budget can affect our SME business economy.

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Cameron Bagrie - COVID-19 Budget Special

In this week's Market Intel we interview Cameron Bagrie a leading economist on the recently announced budget and what it means for SME business owners.

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TP Katene

In this episode of Market Intel I discuss the Maori Business Economy with Maori investment manager for NZTE TP Katene.

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Adam Heazlewood - potential impact COVID-19

In this episode, I talk with Adam Heazlewood - Bayleys Canterbury one of Canterbury's top agents on the potential impact COVID-19 will have on our local market.

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